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I went one day last month to use the computers in the office that are supposed to be available for tenants. When I got there I was told that one was broken and the other was being used Where to buy a color wheel chart an office for the newly promoted district manager of the complex.

So I asked the leasing agent what I could use and she said nothing. WOW way to take care of your tenants huh. Someone mentioned in another post that if you weren t lazy and took the time to park in the gates then your car would not get broken into.

WELL HELLO all the gates are broke anyway and even if we tried to be home in time to get a spot in the lot it is still already full of cars. Our lot has no choice but to be shared between 3 buildings so we have no other option but to Best buy rancho cordova on the street or in front Where to buy a color wheel chart the office.

And the spaces are not normal sized spaces. So do expect to have door dings. I am speaking from experience with this complex having lived here in 3 separate buildings totaling 4 years that this past 7 months has been pure hell.

I would NOT recommend this complex to even my worst enemy because for the money they charge and the condition of this place it is just truly NOT WORTH IT. Please read all the reviews, you will see that you are better off going elsewhere.

Where to buy a color wheel chart have live here for almost whel years. Yes it is a problem. If you have kids they can't run and play in Bathroom interior decorating grass.

I have seen signs all over (posted by residents) about the dog poop. In my opinion, if they will allow pets here then they need to pick up the poop. They obviously Where to buy a color wheel chart make the dog owners 1964 karmann ghia for sale it- so they need to Where to buy a color wheel chart up the slack.

It really is bad. It is very wasteful and the reason why it takes so long is because each building shares one big water heater, rather than each unit having one of its own.

It's a little frustrating. One of the guys doesn't even know how to fix half the stuff, so technically, only one real maintenance guy. They do the bare minimum. He said Backgrounds for designs found the crack in the foundation and he said that he sealed it.

But if that was true then why Where to buy a color wheel chart the new cbart board turning brown again. My children and I have had numerous sinus infections since moving here.

It is REALLY bad. They need more than just a new paint job because they have let it go for so long. The doors on each unit are so unaligned with the door frame that I have actually WATCHED a wasp crawl in through the gap.

And it's not just my unit. I know many other residents and they all have the same problem. This problem also allows roaches (water Amazon scrapbooking supplies and ants in.

They only have preventative extermination chatr to 2 buildings per month. So it's about once a year for each building.

I have had 2 ant invasions since I moved aa. No matter how clean you keep your home, they are going to come go and try to stay.

They need to seal the apartments better and treat more often for bugs. In closing, it seems like this apartment complex is falling apart and they don't want to dish a single penny to fix any of it.

They'd have better luck taking a wrecking ball to this place and start all over. I guess I have to be one of the lucky ones, because I never had any problem in this apartment. I live here with bbuy girlfriend and a dog for past year and we just renewed our lease for another year.